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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Back on The Move

After so many lazy months, at last daddy arranged another trekking. Gee, when was our last trekking? hmmm.. i think it was last year or something. Then I realised that I went all soft and heavier (aka fatter).

Our group this round is sure big.. 34 people.. but only 4 furry one, Oreo, Ah O, Suria brother and me.

Here are the men to protect us! kekeke... 27 Nepalese men!!! Get to your position boys!!


Not even 5 minutes, Suria brother already get himself dirty

Must climb up har?!!

The men became quite handy :P

Look can be deceiving. Initially I thought this was a huge field with nicely cut grass. Look like a dog run isn't it?! Lucky me I didn't go in.. it was actually waterbody with green slimey thing floating on top.

Hide & Seek between tall bushes

On your butt...

Water! Water! Yay!!!

Oreo: Can you carry me? pretty please..


Can I not go into the water? I think I saw a crocodile

Isn't this nice? err.. wait a minute.. the belly behind quite disturbing

Isn't this nicer?!



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