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Monday, January 29, 2007

04-Feb-07 : Trek Details - Tagore Drive

Time for another adventures for us =) We were supposed to go last Sunday but daddy was busy studying for his exam. So, we have to postpone it to this coming Sunday. Here is the detail:

Date & Time: Sunday, 4th Feb 2007, 10.30am
Meeting Point: Outside No. 12 Tagore Drive - Habitat Warehouse (map)

This adventure is similar to our last trip. The whole purpose is to exercise, make friends, let the dogs having fun, take deep breath of fresh air and enjoying the nature.

Feel free to join us. But one thing to note, this is nothing to do with SK9HHH doghash..(just to avoid confusion and don't want anyone to bad-mouth about our gathering). It's totally different from the SK9HHH doghash as it is not compulsary for us to run, no markers/trail/hare, etc and you are free to wear anything you want.. at your own risk.. ha!!

Check out Jeannie & Jewel's blog for the place recce.


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Come Down and Play With Me

I saw it!! I saw it!!

I saw a bear, a cute bear, a cute fluffy bear with button eyes and nose.. WAH..... It sure will keep me busy when my humans are not home.

Only if he come down and play with me :( Aren't he tired supporting himself up there?

Oh, I know.. I'll wait till he fall asleep.. zzzzzz


Monday, January 22, 2007

Calcium For Strong Bone

Either trying to use natural source of vitamins and mineral or simply being stingy and don't want to waste, my human decided to give us extra calcium from the egg shells.

First Step - Feed us the egg (I love this part) and keep the shells. Wash it properly and dry it.

Second Step - Grind it to fine pieces and if possible into powder.

Third Step - Keep it in air tight container, to add into our home cook food (which we only getting every weekend.. *sigh* pity us.. unlike Jeannie and Jewel who get HCF everyday *drool*)

And I tell you one thing... It was the most boring thing to watch. I rather sleep.


Tuesday, January 16, 2007

14-Jan-07 : Adventures at Lorong Lada Hitam

Despite of rainy weather, we still bravely carried out our adventure at Lorong Lada Hitam on Sunday. In fact, the weather was quite cool and refreshing. Due to health and figure conscious reason (especially after last Saturday health check up and mummy found out that she is under exercised), we decided to go nature exercise every alternate saturday / sunday.

Even Lizzy the Princess came to join the walk.. and she came out as the cleanest dog because this lucky girl had so many people willing to carry her around.. haha.. that's how she get the name "Princess". But do not underestimate her.. she completed her walk.

Then off we go.. through the bushes and plants

Happy to see small puddle

and the deeper puddle

And at last.. swimming in cool muddy water...

Brrr... I hate water

The dogs just couldn't wait to lead the way

No doggies leaving the owner behind here though. Even Maverick in constant look out for his owners too. Jeannie included.

Despite of us bashing through the forest & bushes, still there was no need for rush and dash. This was the best part of the walk. Take a deep breath of fresh air and admiring the beautiful nature.

Beautiful Fungus

Big spider right in front of our path

And...errr... bullet cartridges??

Unknowingly we walked for more than 3 hours non-stop.

From clean and crisp white socks

To "Kopi" coloured socks

Nobody (human and dogs) came out clean (well.. except Eliz), we were BROWN. But at the end of the day, we were happy and satisfied and of course... tired. Stress free walk, sandwich to satisfy the hungry stomach, drink and beer to quench the thirst, now that is what I called a good Human-dog Adventure, Socialisation and Hangout.

Last but not least.. Our group photo =)


Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Where is Teddy??

Oh.. I saw something new in the bedroom. Daddy's new LCD 32" (free after signing up Singtel Broadband plan) arrived and my humans rearranged the layout of furnitures in the bedroom. Nothing much changed except, the floor has less Suria Brother's furballs, my toys are in one place instead of the hiding places (i.e. under the bed, under the blanket, under the computer table and behind the chair). I haven't been damaging anything lately (and I get sick of my toys already).

Then I saw this cute things on the coffee table.

The small doggy in the middle I saw before. It's a gift from Anderson for one of her dog birthday. But the two teddies... that's something new.. hmmmmm.... interesting....

Jenny wrote:
yay.. at last the LCD came and I can surf the internet using a 32" monitor =) Spent lots of time tidying and cleaning up the room. Luna's toy and Suria's fur were everywhere. Rearranged the coffee table, put the wireless keyboard and mouse, money plant and put some small cute toys as decor. Luna hasn't been damaging anything lately.. so I dare to display these decoration out.

The next day guess what I saw........


I searched around, under the bed, behind the sofa, behind the cupboard, outside.. ?? still couldn't find it. Guess where at last I found it from.... under Pal's pillow. Luna sure getting smarter nowadays. I was so sad to see this.

Looks like Luna has hidden fetish with EYES. Similar things happened to the mini dalmation


When I went to confront her.. this is the look she gave me....

It wasn't me!! I'm innocent...

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Sunday, January 07, 2007

No Ball Blackie

After an hour soaping and scrubbing after the hash yesterday (sorry no photo as my human accidently deleted all the precious photos taken), my human decided not to bring us along to visit Blackie (they don't want me to roll on the grass patch there).

No no.. the black dog is not Blackie. These are Junior (Black) and Ginny (black/tan) and they are both for adoption too.

This is Blackie. Purposely taken the photo from the back as to show the empty ball pocket. I used to think that after the castration, the pocket will be removed along with the balls. Then after Suria Brother's castration earlier, I came to know only the balls removed and left the sagging extra wrinkly brown skin, which later on will be disappeared and tighten by itself. Now I wonder why human need to go for face lift =P

Blackie now having 3 girls hovering over him (err after he lost his ability to reproduce kekeke...), Ginny, Junior and including this little MS...

Blackie even let Schnausi climbed over him and took a nip at his fur.

Too happy until cannot walk properly

Blackie while waiting for his food
(We cooked for them rice, veggie with lots of chicken)

Blackie's Happy Face after eating

By the way, Blackie is still for adoption. *sigh* a bad news is we need to think of another place for Blackie as his current fosterer needs to shift house (moving back to HDB) in 2 months time. Any kind soul out there can adopt Blackie? or foster him? *praying hard*

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