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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

29-Oct-06 : An Afternoon at Upper Seletar Reservoir

On Sunday, my humans brought me to visit Blackie. It was my 1st time going to his boarding home. We brought 3 big containers of HCF for him which meant for his lunch, dinner and the next day lunch. But daddy was too soft-hearted and gave him 2 containers in one go. And boy.. this skinny boy can really eat A LOT and FAST!!! He gobbled down the whole thing in 3 minutes.

On the way back, we stopped by at Upper Seletar Reservoir. The place is beautiful & green. Too bad Suria Brother was grounded at home. The vet gave him 2 weeks MC and lots of rest due to his sprained front leg. Good thing was... I can have the whole back seat for myself.. but I still hate car ride *feeling nausea*

Grand Opening by Her Royal Highness Princess Luna

Me & my invisible leash

I really love this place.. so green and lots of grass to run, roll & sleep on... and not too many people around.

Bright sunny day

Lets go to that tower

Nice view.. hmm...

This is a good spot for picnic.. who game for sun hat, picnic basket, radio and cold icy drinks??

Tsk.. these humans always ask me to pose

Oh.. forgot to tell you.. there are monkeys too. They came to approach every cars that come to the carpark asking for food. Most of them scared of me.. except this one. He kept watching me & hissing. Which monkey?? oh no.. not the one pulling the tree branch, the monkey is the one on the tree.

It was a fun day and we didn't realised we went quite far away from our car. Walking back time was killing me. I had to walk a long stretchy bridge, step-by-step with my bare paws on the hot steaming asphalt. I said "Daddy, I need a rest first".

Hehehe.. It's good to be a Daddy Spoilt Princess

Reaching the embankment, we saw quite a number of people fishing. We found a good spot to rest under a shade. Really good to feel back to nature. Daddy made me drink from a unique bowl.

Reservoir water taste quite good


I had a GREAT day =)


Saturday, October 28, 2006

Pampering Myself - MUD SPA

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Look What I Found Next To A Drain

HAHAHA.... Don't be scared. That's ME!! It was taken during Pet Portal's walk at Bukit Brown Chinese Cemetary on Hari Raya Puasa Holiday.

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