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Friday, March 30, 2007

HAPPY BARKDAY to My Precious Brother

HAPPY 6th BARKDAY Suria Brother!!

I wish you all happiness, health and lots of food and bones to eat.. yay.. and don't forget to share it with me. Mummy and daddy said we'll celebrate our barkday together (mine is coming soon =P ).

They showed me some of your photo when you were 3 years old. How time flies. Two words for you.. "FAT BOY!!" hahaha.. You were so chubby, so rounded. But I noticed something, your look cuter when chubby and your fur actually nicer when you were fatter.. hmmm.. but now you are handsome =D

Thanks for taking care & protect me when I was a puppy and letting me stay in your house and never bully me.

But it doesn't mean I won't bully you anymore.. *evil grin*


Drumstick anyone?!

Trick ya!! I'm not talking about chicken drumstick, so sip up that drools doggies =P

I saw this tree at Blackie's ex-fosterer place few weeks back. Daddy said it is Murunga Keerai Plant, which also known as Moringa oleiferad or drumstick tree or horseradish tree. They said the fruit look like drumstick.. that's how the name derived (err.. doesn't make sense isn't it?!! it doesn't look like drumstick)

Apparently, this plant has many purposes (check it out here and here). Mostly every parts of the plant can be used, from the leaves, flower, seed, root, pods, bark and oil.

We went back there to 'harvest' the leaves but too bad the landlord requested Blackie's ex-fosterer to chop down the tree. But it was so easy to grow back.. see the young leaves already growing from the chopped trunk.

Oh, we also found a recipe on how to cook the leaves into yummy dishes. Daddy said he will try to cook it one day. Hmmm.. I wonder whether he'll share with me or not. I'm not worry that much though.. I hate green vegetables... ekkk...


Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Got Yogurt?!

OMG!!! I look so unglam here. Whatta huge nostril I have.

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Monday, March 26, 2007

Kampong Trail

Weather was good and more importantly good company =) Although we have to change the location of our trekking last minute and not many people can join us this round, we still had lots of fun.

Location - Jalan Kampong Chantek

There are two cuties joining us this round, Russell and Isabelle. Although they are small and petite, they sure always at the front of the group and never seen to run out of breath. These kids are tough..

We took the durian loop (well.. we didn't see any durian though *rolling eyes*) and Nangka loop (we saw some nangka aka jackfruit seed along the path).

Russ: C'mon hurry up.. I saw water.. water.. YEAH!!

Lots of posing...

And our supermodel mascot (and his signature pose..)

Suria: Move on already?! I still want to soak :(

Can I not wetting my legs?

Suria: Are we going through that?

Joy: Let me lit my ciggies. It's dark in there.

It was pitch black in there but it looks so much brighter with camera flash light.

Russ: Woo hoo!!! I'm stuck in the mud

Pal: Look I got a big fish

wow.. and a bigger one

huh?!! up again?

Hurry up.. these aunties are so slow

We spotted some monkeys and err.. can smell their shits smell.. yuck!! Then we quickly turned back.

Some photos of plants and insects. It actually look nicer in the photo, only this web picasa really reduce the resolution =( next time should have just upload here directly.

Back to nature

Of course.. group photo =) (missing Eleanor)

Ah... this is refreshing

Click here for more photos and clearer photos =)

After trekking, we headed to JJJJ's house and as usual having beers and food. Daddy cooked bee hoon and chicken wings.

psstt Auntie Joy, you missed out the sex educational forum by Carol "shi fu".. =P


Friday, March 23, 2007

01-April-07 - The Daevy Adoption Drive

For those who interested to get a dog as companion, do come to visit this adoption drive (dedicated to forever loved Davey). There'll be plenty of puppies and dogs waiting to share their love with you. Paddy boy and Choco will be there too!!


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

25-Mar-07 : Trek Detail - Jalan Lam Sam

Date & Time: Sunday, 25th Mar 2007, 10.30am
Location: Jalan Lam Sam (map, recce pics here and here)
Menu: $5 for drinks and food

This time round, not expected to be too wet (I can't guarantee no mud though) but sure getting dirty =)

This trekking is organised by JJJJ. If you interested to join us, do leave a comment in their blog so we can estimate how much food to bring. See you soon!!!


Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sizzling Sunday - Recee

Yeah!! my humans brought me for site recee today. Uncle Jack brought us (yeah.. we follow JJJJ's van and I had a privilege to sit on the sofa =)

The place is very nice and green inside

Although I thought it's a bit dry.. but wait,

I saw mud pool.. yeah...

But then again.. not exactly really dry. We found a pond!! Jeannie and Jewel of course be the first to jump in and swim. Me?! you know me...

Photographer testing her brand new 12 hours camera and of course.. posing.. her pretty model

These morning glory are beautiful. I tried hard not to step them.

Camera trick??

Nice view from above

Uncle Jack and his "catch of the day"

Pisang emas!! I love it. We also saw lots of coconuts and durians. But we didn't managed to be so lucky getting durian drop on our head. But we sure enjoy it very much and going home..

Dirty and Muddy
Happy and....

I don't want to go home

Well.. at least we were not going home straight. The day still bright and the humans are just too inspired something we saw on top of a truck.

Mummy got herself 'partially' tanned. Now that's look like upside down Indonesian flag.

More photos here from Jeannie and Jewel's blog.


Friday, March 16, 2007

Who is This?!

Look what did I draw? or more like...

Who is this?

That was on the 1st attempt.. so pardon the wobbly paws. I'm so not used to draw with mouse.


Thursday, March 15, 2007

Cemetary Walk

sooorrryyy... I took so long to post these photos from last trekking, but luckily Jeannie & Jewel already posted some =P

surprise, there were so many black dogs (including me!) and so many mongrels, let me count... me, jeannie, choco, paddy, lady, krabby, ash and heidi. Woo hoo... 8 mongrels!!

Mongrels Rule!!

The Border Collies

The last time we saw Choco was a month ago, wow.. he sure grow very fast. He is taller and fatter =P and he has black fur showing up.. it makes him look more like GSD now.
Choco loves Suria Brother

I noticed that Krabby and me have the same habit... we love to rub our face on sands. I did this too before he came.

While human trying very hard to keep their footwear dry,

We were more brave to get our paws wet and dirty... except..

Choco!! Don't block the way!!

This look yummy!! oh.. did you see that ant on top of this mushroom?!

Then we saw this big pineapple. It looks ripe, thought of plucking it up. But then someone said that is for offerring.. err.. better leave it alone then.

I tell you this boy tough.. He got his leg injured yet he could walk without any problem, not even limping. Lucky someone was prepared with first aid kit, and also qualified first aider =P

Then we met someone with GRs, he looks so familiar, hmm.. he looks like Uncle Ronald, hey... he is uncle Ronald with his goldens...

Our yummy meal for the day was brought by dirtydawgs (but I didn't see Mavy =( )

Krabby's bandaged had been taken out and luckily the wound very fast dried up.

Paddy Boy!!

Paddy has very cute paws.. looks like skeleton's marking =P and he got a unique head shape like a bull terrier. Paddy is still looking for a good home to stay. For more details for his adoption, please see here.

Pretty Lady


Aren't they look so sweet together?!

Mr. Policeman =)

Choco Boy

Choco is also still up for adoption. I bet you he gonna make an excellent guard dog. See those black spots on his tongue (he got 3 spots), people said dogs with black spots on tongue is a very good and loyal dogs.

I have black spot on my tongue too!

Our group photo =)


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