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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

*at-choo* Hide...!!

What a boring weekend... Daddy was having exam and he took leave for the whole week. Good thing was everyday 10 o'clock morning sharp, we getting lamb bone or oxtail and 3 o'clock sharp having our meal (it's HCF btw and I love it!!). We were getting so used to it until my Pui Brother developed a habit of whining at 9.30am and 2.30pm to remind daddy to cook. GOOD BOY!!!

My humans said my 'short-circuit' habit still present despite of their effort to overcome it. Oooohhh... no wonder that few days they put collar & leash on me while we were in the house and daddy keep making himself silly by laughing out loud. Well.. I fooled them, that man kept laughing many times like that every 1 minute of course I would immune to it for that moment.

Yesterday early morning while daddy went into shower, I was laying on the bed (as usual I love to sleep on the spot where he just slept.. I like the warm feeling hehehe...) and from the corner of my eyes I saw Suria Brother sleeping on the floor next to the bed right below me. Not long after I saw Daddy came out the toilet & turned on the TV. I went back to sleep. Suddenly I heard a LOUD sound.. I jumped up.. *blur* look left, look right... eh... where is that pui boy??!! He was just right there a second ago. Then I saw him in the toilet hiding... GRRRRRRR.... you silly fella.. tried to play trick on me. When I charged towards toilet, daddy quickly caught me & eh??!!... he was giggling.

The actual scenario:

Pal chased Suria out of the toilet because he wanted to take shower. So no choice, Suria gotta sleep next to the bed. Finished shower, Pal suddenly felt tickle down his nose & gave out a LOUD sneeze.. *AT-CHOOOOO* Luna was shocked and jumped up suddenly (and as usual she suppose to go charging at Suria, growling and gave him small bite). But Suria is getting smarter. Upon hearing Pal's sneeze, he quickly woke up and ran fast to the toilet to hide (real fast.. Pal said he never seen Suria ran this fast before). Pal saw Luna was looking down, left & right looking for Suria. Then she suddenly realised the pui boy was hiding in the toilet & charging towards him. Lucky thing Pal caught her on time. Who will not laugh looking at Suria's blur 'it's not me' face.. LOL.


Monday, May 22, 2006

Short Circuit

Last night as usual I was sleeping at foot area of the bed with my daddy. As always Suria Brother prefers to sleep on the toilet floor (it's cooler that way because the bedroom flooring is parquet). When I was drown in comfort zone & dreamed away, I felt someone pushed me off the bed.. ouch.. that's pain.. @#%!&*!!! the next second I already on the floor.. urrgghhh.. who would do that??!! It must be that clumsy ah pui boy... grrrr.... then off I went to confront him. As usual.. this fella pretends like he doesn't know what is happening.. what an actor!!!

Jenny wrote:

I felt that Luna maybe have a bit of 'short circuit' up there. I tell you why and maybe you can judge and help me to solve her problem.


About the incident last night, as explained she was a sleep on the bed next to Pal. (sorry for the bad picture =P)

Then when Pal turned around and stretched his legs, his left leg suddenly kicked and swept Luna off the bed. She gave a little squeak.

The next second you know, she got up and growled at Suria and dashed to the toilet (where Suria was sleeping) and gave him a little bite. What a mean lady right?!!

Seriously, this is not the 1st time she behave this way.


Again as per their habit, Luna sleeps on the bed and Suria sleeps on toilet floor. Everytime Pal's alarm clock ring, Luna will jump up and in a speed of light zoom to Suria, growl & little bite.


Everytime we watch something funny on TV & gave out loud laugh (for example while watching Singapore Idol last night), Luna will jump up & dash to Suria growling and little bite.

Errr.. It's not a real bite though coz last night I was watching Singapore Idol while hugging Suria. When I saw the lip gloss man singing, I laughed my head off. Suddenly Luna dashed towards us, growling & showing teeth. She tried to bite Suria, but bite my arm instead (because I was protecting Suria). Surprisingly, she only grabbing my arm in her mouth & never sink the teeth. So I guess she doesn't really mean to bite Suria. But isn't she weird?? Must be a short circuit up there. How to eliminate this behaviour? *sigh*


Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Introducing TOTI The Quite One

It has been sometimes I'm blogging and I have yet to introduce my "big" ..errr... sister (I think...) Toti (read: tot-tee). Honestly I dunno how to differenciate between male or female terrapin, but mummy told me that Toti is female because she doesn't has very long fingernails and Toti has flat shell on the belly.
A year before I come, daddy set up his fish tank. At first he has goldfishes (those people buy to feed lou han fish or arowana) and guppies then he bought 2 terrapins. The 2 baby terrapins only around 2 inch (the shell size). Then one terrapin died so only Toti survived. Mummy told daddy that terrapin can eat meat so don't put together with the fishes and he ignored her. Within a few weeks, all the guppies gone and left goldfishes only.. some even have holes on their fins. So, daddy convinced and put toti in cut -up water bottle.

Life goes on... but the goldfishes still died one by one only left one survival who lives quite an old age of around 1.5 years old. When Goldie died, daddy burried it under his potted neem tree (pssttt.. he put candle & joystick for Goldie.. hehehe..)

Toti grow quite fast.. then one day she disappeared. Suspected she climbed out the container, then jumped down 1.5 high cupboard & escaped through main gate (sounds like mission impossible huh?!! But she really did). Daddy searched the whole house for 4 days and still couldn't find her. He was very sad & grumpy. After more than a week, on Saturday afternoon while mummy watching TV.. suddenly she saw Suria Brother busy sniffing behind the sofa... he found Toti. Daddy was so happy & surprised.. coz he already turned the house upside down searching for her for 3 days.

Naughty Girl - TOTI

Then after Goldie passed away, Toti got a new home (this time impossible to escape anymore). Daddy give the fishtank to Toti (together with the sucker fish that daddy found near the Kallang River)

Toti loves to sleep on that stone in her Superman pose =D

My human said I'm over protective over Toti and won't let Suria Brother come close to Toti. But the truth is I'm scared he will accidently set his fat butt on her & squashed her.

Me Meet Face-To-Face with Toti

Toti eats quite a lot and whenever she is hungry, she knows how to call the humans to feed her by swimming loudly in the water & scratch the tank glass. Her shell size now is around 6 inch.

Toti posing in front of camera



Monday, May 15, 2006

Soft Purple Cloud

I told mummy my Mini Dalmation is ruined and she didn't believe me at first. Then I showed her.

To my surprised she said... "can.. still can play with it". Then she took out all the inner filling and leave the head & body skin & tossed it back to me... gee.. I didn't know she is so cheap-skate =P

I made sure she replaced my toy.... so... this will do... (sorry... picture is dark )

True enough.. after seeing that... she made sure mini dalmation is in the bin. And for me.... I got another new toy... YEAH!!!

Hmmm... It soft.. wait a minute... It squeaks too.. COOL...


Thursday, May 11, 2006

This Time She Gonna HANG Me

Yeah... I did it again!! And same as before, full package given.. got scolding, smacked on my buttock and worse... ignored for few minutes.

What's that under your paw??

Added Note by Jenny :

I smacked & scolded her mainly because she ATE the hanger. If I didn't turned around in time, I won't even know I short of 1 hanger.. it vanished into thin air.


Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Solar Healing

While do nothing at home, I was staring at daddy's money plant & "Kwan Im" plant and suddenly I amazed by how plant can survive only drink water. Another thing I noticed, all the plants inside the house pointed towards window direction. Very obviously pointing. Then my humans told me about how important SUN is and Solar Healing or sometimes called sun gazing or Solar Yoga. What it involves is looking directly at the sun to take in the sun's nourishment on the certain hours, i.e. within 30-mins after sunrise and 30-mins before sunset.

Then mummy took this photo below. This man nearly every morning doing the same routine at near her worksite (under unopened part of Sims Way).

EH?!! but why this man wasn't gazing at the sun, instead he covered his eyes. I guessed because he woke up late and missed the within 30-mins after sunrise.. hehehe... above picture taken around 7.30AM.

Then this morning only mummy took another photo of him. But this morning the weather was cloudy.

Oh.. Daddy also told me, there is an Indian man name Hira Ratan Manek who practise this solar gazing. He amazingly for 9 years never take solid food. He only gaze at the sun every sunrise and sunset and drink boiled water. This man still alive.. GEE...

To me & Suria Brother.. "We are Live to Eat" =D and ask me to do Solar Yoga.. *panting* my tongue will touch the floor.

Further info about Hira Ratan Manek for those who interested, can be found HERE.


Friday, May 05, 2006

Public Nuisance

So far me & Suria Brother never try to ride public transport before. Fortunately, daddy has a car (*sigh* still prefer Subaru Viki though so we could go out more often). Otherwise, I really don't know how to tolerate the public's comments about dog being a nuisance, sore eyes & HARAM. Remember a muslim lady complaining to Strait Times about seeing a dog in a taxi before... ridiculous isn't it?!! Pet already banned from bus & MRT and this lady suggesting us to be banned from taxi ride too.. GEE... maybe if she saw me in Limosine she will commit suicide.. hahaha...

Religion apart, some non-muslim also think that dog is disgusting & dangerous creature.. of what they said Public Nuisance. Sometimes I'm wondering what nuisance can a dog make.
- Swinging on handle in the MRT?? Childish....
- Running around in MRT or buses - this probably we will do, but aren't human kids do this too??
- Pee and Poo in MRT or buses - err.. if dog in a cage, it will not be a problem right?!
- Puke in during the ride - Human also can puke lah... btw, psstt.. I did it in
daddy's car before.. hehe...

I believe all the above are excuses only.. those people simply don't like dog, see dog as sore in the eyes. Talking about sore eyes.. mummy told me even human also do acts that causing public nuisance & unethical. During her bus ride yesterday, she saw near the entrance (behind the driver seat) an uncle (should be in his early 40s only) laying on the bus seat. Not only it not nice to see... this man also talk in his sleep. He talked with hand movement or suddenly shouted out chinese / hokkien vurglar words.

Then another uncle (older.. in his 60s) came in.. take the 4-seater seat (2 seats facing each other) near the entrance. He saw the 1st uncle.. then realise nobody give a damn about him.. he then put up his feet on the seat.. wah piangzz (see below illustration for clearer picture.. =P)

SEE!!! Although humans' brain is bigger than dogs, some humans also causing nuisance, no respect towards other human being & unethical =(


Thursday, May 04, 2006

Blackie's Adoption Post

At last it's up. And can also be viewed in DogPeople.org. Wish him luck everybody and please help to spread the news around =)

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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

*Crack* *Crack* Hmmm... Crunchy

Since my humans started to go gym (well waste of time... no visible improvement so far), we had less time with them =( Especially mummy as she is not staying with us. But whenever she come over, she wasn't gimme 100% attention all the time. Especially lately she was addicted to play computer flash game. Same like last night, she was sitting in front of computer & ignoring all my paw claw. Luckily I found something else to entertain me. I saw this white item on the floor. I picked it up, brought it to the bed (next to mummy) & started to taste it. It's hard.. bite.. bite.. *crack* *crack* *crack* hmmm... it's crunchy... not bad...

oppsss.. I think I was too loud and made mummy turned her head. While pausing her game, she said "Luna, you are louder than my game sound. What are you eating??" She turned her head suddenly I saw BIG EYES & a loud scream "LUNAAAAA"

OH NO!!! I'm Busted


Tuesday, May 02, 2006

29-APR-06 : YEAH!! No Shower For Me!!

What a boring weekend. Me gotta stay home while my humans and Suria Brother went out. I was so excited when they putting collar on Suria Brother unknowingly I had to guard the house =( Hours later they came back.. well well well.. Suria Brother smell good & fresh. What... he suddenly look slimmer & trimmed. Where did they brought him to? Slimming centre?

When mummy told me Suria Brother went grooming I felt relieve.. phew... u know what this mean??!! It means I didn't have to take shower this week.. YEAH!!! Suria went to Fur n Away for full grooming. Cost about $70 and he came back with slightly reddish *private* area. Poor fella. But overall, they did quite a good job. My humans dropped him at 3.40pm then they went exploring Sembawang area. Then mummy told me about big open field they saw and she wished she brought me there. Yeah.. yeah... as usual.. TALK only =(

While waiting for Suria Brother (he took more than 2 hours), my humans went to visit Blackie. As usual, Blackie so happy to have visitors. He jumped high up tried to kiss their faces (never touch though). The shelter lady said Blackie is a good boy until there is food around.. well.. nothing new.. I fully understand about it.. it's mongrel thing you know =P He slightly (very slightly) put on weight.

Shelter Lady said Blackie is very discipline. He normally out 3-4 times daily for his 'business'. He always pee & poo on the frontyard, do a little bit of sniffing & marking around then off he go back to his quarter (kitchen area near the backyard). Blackie got a job now. He is an official "Pest Controller". His job is to catch rats (and killed it) whenever the rats came to the kitchen. So far he only managed to kill 1 because he hasn't learned how to climb yet.

He looks more active & happy now.

Well well well.. not so happy so soon Blackie, I overheard mummy said she wants to neutralise you since you already healthier... kekeke...