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Friday, March 31, 2006

Not so Spongy anymore

Last sunday my humans went to COLBAR for dinner with other friends from Pet Portal. But they left me & Suria Brother at home :( Daddy commenting the place is very old but the food is great & price is ok. After makan, Aunty E passed some toys for me. Here they are:-

Introducing - Sponge Bob and Friend :)

Actually Aunty E gave 3 toys for me. But daddy took one (snoopy) for his car and mummy only allow me to choose 1 :(

Hmm.. let me see which one to choose

Me: Can I have this one?

Mummy: OK, go ahead play with your new buddy.

Me: YEAH!!

OH NO!! I forgotten to brush my teeth before grabbing Sponge Bob. Ewww.. see how dirty my teeth.. they are as yellow as Sponge Bob.

From that time onwards, Sponge Bob and Me became 'good' friend. Well.. relationship doesn't last long. Sponge Bob is too weak and after a while he wasn't as spongy as before. This is what I mean.

I took his butt-out!! HIAK.. HIAK... HIAK!!


Thursday, March 30, 2006

My Virgin Blog

Hey hey!! This is my 1st blog *woof*

Yo! I'm Luna. Even though I look fierce (my ex-owner said I'm a cross b/w GSD & GR hehehe..) and dark (black means strong!!) actually I'm a err.... gentle nature and feminine dog (read: timid and a cry baby).

This is me when I was a puppy! I'm very cute isn't it? *sigh* miss those floppy ears.

I have a brother, Suria, and he is a Border Collie... When 1st saw him, he looks so big & tough and kept bullying me (showing his alpha).. but after living with him for sometimes, tsk... he is actually very gentle & kind & most important thing.... he is always LOSE to me WHAHAHAHAHA....... See he even allow me to ride him HIAK HIAK..... See my FUNKY hair?!!