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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

My Mini Dalmation

Mummy came home yesterday with a plastic bag. I checked it out & I saw 3 soft toys. Mummy said it 3 toys for $5.. what a bargain!! Actually mummy want to gimme the lion, but daddy said he wanted it in the car (Lion = Leo = Daddy & Mummy's star sign). End up I get a mini Dalmation. Here I show you =D

Let Me Taste You!!!


In the midst of my enjoyment, I heard someone screamed real loud

"LUNA!!! What have you done to your new toy!!"


Mummy said I'm not allowed to touch it anymore *grumble* *grumble*

After this I didn't want to play with it anymore. I'll let Suria Brother play with it for a while.

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Monday, April 24, 2006

New Toy??!!! NOT!!

Hey peeps!! Look I have a new toy... NOT!!!

Does this look familiar???

Have you guessed what it is??

Here is the clue for ya!!


Sunday, April 23, 2006

What Animal Were You In a Past Life?

This is ME in the past!! (well.. actually I was born in 2004 but no selection for it so I just left it blank)

You Were an Otter

You are a faithful friend who guides others toward success.
You are also light hearted, and love to play around.

Suria Brother is

You Were a Skunk

You carry yourself with sensuality and a flowing energy.
You have a great reputation, and you follow your own (good) advice.

Whahaha.. what so sensual about that fatty boy!! btw, the colour look a like =P

Mummy is...

You Were a Peacock

You carry yourself with beauty, dignity, and confidence.
You are able to see the past, present, and future with clarity.

yeah sure... if she able to see the past, present & future with clarity how come she still no luck with TOTO or 4D

And Daddy is...

You Were a Polar Bear

A bit of a loner, you enjoy introspection and solitude.
You are a fighter, and you will seek revenge on those who harm you.

Oh.. this is so true about him. Even the polar bear belly.. hahaha...

What Animal Were You In a Past Life?


Friday, April 21, 2006

I Feel So Sad

When reading one of the thread in DOGFORUM, I feel a sudden jab in my heart like an arrow poking through it. It's about a MS gave birth, to 5 pups somemore... sigh... how it bring me to the memory of Ryan's siblings. I wonder if Ryan's siblings were a pure breed like MS, can they stay alive?

*sigh* Live is though as a mongrel.


Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Exercise, Sweat & Sauna

Nowadays everybody want to be slim. For me, I'm naturally slim except after a huge meal prepared by daddy on weekend which make me look like a snake who just swallowed a boar. Actually mummy was worry I can get fat easily after spaying. But.. tsk... look at my slim body.

This muscle of mine & suck-in stomach is the result of my 'hardwork' chasing balls, jumping up for treat, begging, doing all those silly tricks to get yummy treat, etc. Even Suria brothers nowadays also become more active. He no longer walk to the kitchen.. he HOP!! Then mummy touch his body.. ta da... amazingly she can slightly feel his ribs. Hehehe.. they all must thank me for helping Suria Brother exercise.

Talking about exercise, yesterday my humans just signed up for one month gym at Marina Country Club. Daddy said can't bring me.. huh.. I thought they promised before to bring me next time they go to Marina.. liar!! Anyway, daddy really need to exercise.. his tummy is like baloon (and he proud of it man!!). And I just got scolded asking him whether I can post his tummy's photo here. Can you believe if he said he got toned muscle & flat tummy before in early 2004? Well.. Mummy got no choice to company him (although she never go to gym before) or else this lazy bum just giving excuse not to exercise.

They said the gym not bad at all. Not too crowded unlike Sport Council at Hougang. The rate currently is $50/month or $268/6-month and you can use the swimming pool & sauna. Mummy grumpily complained to me that the male toilet is bigger and got Sauna & Jacuzzi.. but the female toilet only have Sauna. I don't care.. I hate shower!! But she said it's kinda creepy to sit alone in the steam room so she dropped the idea using it.

Let see how long this two are in the mood of exercising.. hehehe...


Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Proud of Being Vegetarian

NAH!! Of course I'm not talking about Me & Suria Brother!! We have claw, sharp teeth, and short intestines.. WE NEED MEAT!! =D

Mummy said she went to a Indian Vegetarian Restaurant just opposite Mustafa shop to give her colleague farewell lunch. The shop name is Ananda. A unique operating system.
The floor plan roughly like this:

Steps to Makan there:
1. Order the food & pay at the counter. The lady will give receipt with 4D number on it =D
2. Go to your table & wait
3. Pick up your order when your 4D number flashes on the Call-Out sign.
4. Take drinking water (if you want to)
4. Wash your hand (up to you)
5. Eat your food

The system reminded me of hospital instead of restaurant.

On the wall, they put some FACT about why human must be vegetarian. And another amusing thing is this sentence.

The Stamina of a Camel
The Strength of an Elephant
The Beauty of a Horse
Are all sustained on a Vegetarian Diet

To think about it, I always wondering how those grass & leaf eating animals get their strength. As amazing as how I managed to digest those hard bones I ate.


Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Food & Breeze

Last Sunday again we were so bored =( Daddy just polished his car and refused to bring us out. To think about it, since he got the Toyota, he never brought us around anymore. Even after 2 months, I never step into his Toyota yet. Oh, I missed the Subaru Viki =(

On Sunday night they two went out without me & Suria Brother to Marina Country Club. Huh.. they bluffed me no dog allowed there but when they came home, mummy told me she saw few dogs near the dock where people doing wakeboarding. Then she tried to make me feel better by saying will bring us there next time. Apparently, they enjoyed having dinner at Matilda Bay Restaurant & Bar. They were having the house promotion. $6 package for Fish & Chip meal (mummy said the chips were yummy), softdrink & one scoop of ice-cream. Very worth it!! Dunno how long the promotion will last. I got a feeling we'll be going there soon.. hehehe... They also had Heineken Bucket (4 heineken bottles for $18).. but daddy said he was driving so didn't want to drink.

"IF YOU DRINK & DRIVE, YOU'RE A BLOODY IDIOT" - An advertisement shown in Australian's TV few years back =P

So, after dinner they passed by a swimming pool. Mummy saw advertisement of swimming lesson and getting interested.. Can you believe it... She can't swim =P Even I can swim.. but I hate water =(
Oh.. funny thing she said, she saw a muslim lady with her baby soaking in the pool and she was wearing TUDUNG!!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Look Who's Growing

On Sunday (02 April 2006), my humans made appointment to see Ryan. It has been more than a month since he is gone to new home. Unfortunately, it was raining cat & dog that day. But mummy missed him so much and wondering how he is copping in the new home, she insisted want to go.
Reached Dunbar Walk at 4.30pm as promised. No sign of Ryan around. The garden was empty and door closed. My humans waited in the car because it was thunderstorm outside. Luckily, after 20 mins of waiting the thunderstorm gone and left only drizzle. Mummy called Ryan's mum which was soon after she came out with Ryan running alongside her. Ryan still recognised my humans. He greeted them happily even in the rain & with his wet body. The lady said Ryan was sleeping & she woke him out. Tsk.. no wonder he never come out. OMG!! He has grown so big & tall. Macho boy!!

Mummy brought some knotted milk bones and a BIG baked bones from Natural Pooch (the same one we had on April Fool). Being a greedy puppy, his smell sense is very strong. He immediately inspected his presents.

But He'll come when you call him. SMART BOY!!

Mummy is very glad that he is doing very well & happy =) He is getting much taller & even his vet said he is big for a 3 months old pup. Ears perked up like dobermann. Oh, His new family changed his name to Zai Zai (means Boy Boy), it's easier for the grandparents to call him.

See How Tall He Is Now

The owner said Zai is very good boy, very active, playful, muscular & tough, not barkish, not scared of anything, only scared when no food (he is still very greedy). Zai's GodPa (Mummy's security guard) said "Of course he is fearless. He had been growing up under GURKHAS's care" =D

HELLO!! Is there any fishie there?

Despite of having big garden to play, run, roll, poo, pee and dig on, Zai is very fortunate to have a nice owner. She never failed to bring him out for his daily walk to the park. She said Zai loves to play with BIG dogs.

Unlike me, Zai doesn't mind the rain & happily playing in the rain, rolled on the wet muddy grass. The lady said she just bathed Zai on Saturday and the next day only he was all muddy.. hahaah.. Naughty BOY!!

Zai has the same hobby like me. He loves to play with ball and squeaky toys =D

This is really a happy ending. But from now on, mummy won't go visit him already. But she definitely will invite Zai's owner if PP has future beach outing =D


Sunday, April 02, 2006

Happy 5th Barkday Suria Brother!!

HAPPY BARKDAY SURIA BROTHER!! He was born 5 years ago on 30 March. So forgetful my daddy & mummy that they forgotten his birthday & only remember the next day. So on April Fool we celebrated his birthday. Good thing is both human feel guilty and gave him lots of food to compensate. And lucky for me, I also got a share =P

Mummy bought baked bones from Natural Pooch. She bought 3, one each for Suria Brother, me and Ryan puppy (she intended to visit him on Sunday). Guess which one for who?

Of course... B'day boy deserved to get the bigger one.

As usual, nothing come easy.. our patient, endurance & concentration were tested before getting those yummy bones.


See how concentrated I was. I didn't dare to take my eyes off the bones just in case Suria Brother took it when I wasn't looking. URRGGHH!! 5 minutes feel like forever............... AT LAST!

Mummy said I'm a clean eater unlike my brother. See below photo and u know what I mean =P

End up the Birthday Boy became sticky & oily. And mummy grumpily clean the area and mopped.

Mummy last minutely called few of her PP friends and my friends for a small gathering at carpark roof near our house. She was very happy few people could make it. Yay.. I saw Jeannie, Jewel, Lizzy, Kingsley, Ben, JJ and Moo Moo (this was the 1st time I saw her) and their humans.

JJ and Moo Moo came earlier about 4.30pm to my house. Daddy cooked us dinner. My silly daddy gave everybody the same amount. Imagine, same amount of food for JJ and Suria Brother.. whahaha.. he kenna scolded by mummy. But he insisted let them try to finish it. Well, JJ couldn't finished even half so me & Suria Brother split the food. After makan, JJ & Moo Moo start playing. Then suddenly JJ puked out the errr... food in the shape of shit.. hahaha.. we've been wondering was it came out from the front or behind.

At around 9pm everybody came. Jeannie & Jewel's mummy brought us a BIG and HEAVY (3kg) birthday cake from Natural Pooch.

Daddy cooked some chicken wings, chicken terriyaki, bee hoon, sardine & bread and papadam and of course soft drink & BEERs were provided. Others brought some chips, finger snack, drinks, peanut, etc. And uncle Krazyman brought a bottle of wine =P



Err.. was it candle-blowing session or candle-staring session?

Birthday Boy deserved the 1st bite =)

After cake sharing I decided to take a walk down the multistorey carparks. 1st attempt mummy caught me halfway. 2nd attempted I ran faster. Nobody see me. I wanted to pee pee on the grass so badly. But after that I didin't know how to go back up =( So I decided to walk home. A few minutes after I saw mummy running towards me. While I happily wagged my tail & walked to her... she scolded me =( Then daddy came & carry me like a lost child. Not long after I saw my friends came to 'rescue' me. I'm very touched =P Mummy made me promised not to do that again.

Well, afterall it was a nice pawty. The pawty over at 1.30am and we had deep sleep that early morning.

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