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Friday, July 04, 2008

He made me worry and lonely

Again Suria brother left me home alone for 4 days. A week before he already didn't feel well. Brought him to the same vet at Brighton Crescent (mummy brought me along too and ended up I was injected and dewormed.. ouch.. it pain but good thing I was not allowed to shower for a week yay yay..). Because he showed sign of anemic, the vet thought the babesia tick fever was acting again, so the vet gave him tick fever treatment (no need to hospitalised). A week after he got worse (weak, drool a lot and worse refused his food - which is very rare), no choice at night brought him to Mt. Pleasant clinic (the brighton cresc clinic was closed for a week).

They did check-up and found his heartbeat was irregular and weak. Took X-ray and found lumps near his liver. So, he was admitted that Tuesday night. Of course I felt sad too.. I even refused to sleep with daddy on his bed. Wednesday morning the vet called and told mummy to prepare for the worse coz he was getting worse and didn't want to eat, even got difficulty lifting up his head. That night both my human whisper encouragement words on Suria's ear. Mummy came home that night with goldfish eyes.

Thursday - took him out for ultrasound at Mt. Pleasant hospital. Surprisingly he looked slightly better (Suria brother definitely listening to my human's whispers). Ultrasound result found these:

Two big masses (I hate how the vet called it tumor/cancer) on his spleen. We were given 2 choices, i.e. to remove it (this includes the removal of the whole spleen) or just to let it be and hoping he can survive. No guarantee given even after the removal of spleen he will be better. Without spleen, we will not have ability to filter toxin/germ/virus... so become very prone to fall ill.

My human didn't think too long to make decision to just let it be. The reasons are they don't want Suria to suffer from many illness if the spleen removed. They want Suria brother to have a quality live. Secondly, Suria brother already 7+ y.o. and major operation could be dangerous to him. Thirdly, daddy told him that we have to live to see his grandson's wedding (kekeke... isn't it too much?)

After ultrasound scan, they brought him back to the clinic. He looked much better and can sit down. Poor brother had to be on glucose drip. If u look at his needle... scary. It's like 8cm long go inside his leg. Daddy really "pantang" taking sick photo. Since he was looking better, so mummy took this.

Suria brother gave mummy pitiful look as if saying "Look what they have done to me.. did u see it mummy?"

We brought him home on friday night. My human treat him like fragile item. Go up the car now must carry him. I was so happy to see him again... and he was given nice smelling canned food which I get a share whenever my human feed him (happy although only a very little share).

Currently, his blood count still very low, the masses still there.. but he looks much more active and the greatest thing... he started to beg for food already!!! Keep it up boy!!!

Suria said thank you to everybody for the well wishes and keep him in their prayer :)



Anonymous Joy said...

Good to know that Suria is getting better. Jeannie and Jewel sends their kisses. See you this sat!!

8/7/08 10:41 pm  
Blogger Lorenza said...

I am so sorry to hear about Suria's illness!
I have my paws crossed for him.
Kisses and hugs

9/7/08 9:22 am  
Blogger Luna said...

Thanks girls!!

He is getting much better now. Thanks God to be so kind to us.. we nearly lost him. And gotta pamper this boy more, he is really determine to stay with us for longer time.

9/7/08 10:54 am  

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