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Sunday, June 15, 2008

World Blood Day

It felt like back in school day, school excursion kekeke... We got free entry tickets for this World Blood Donor Day. Each donors got 2 free entry tickets. We supposed to go with all the guards (at least 30 of them.. means 60 tickets.. wow) but unfortunately they were not having day off (poor fellas). We utilised 6 tickets and gave away another 5 to tourists :)

We came as early as 8.30am thought of catching elephant bathing.. but the entry only at 9am. Too early and some of animal still sleeping... esp this otters (?) so couldn't see the real thing.. this will do :)

Isabel posing with the tiger (statue of course)

Here is the real one. Handsome fella isn't he?!

I love tiger (and cheetah, and jaguar, and leopard) and it so heartpain to see this.

And can you imagine ppl eating this? spikey tiger penis?

Isabel and Mr. Kanga

Guess who's skin is this?

Yes.. the giraffe. Well not belong to this 3 directly.. maybe their parents /siblings / friends. The male giraffe name is Marco (so exotic!!). They have nice marking =)

Talking abt marking... see this cute zebra cross. But it's not for zebra to cross =P

Singapore Zoo sure got lots of monkeys, quite a lot of variety of monkeys.

Mr. Baboon scratching his back

well.. i'm not a big fan of monkeys because they scared me... so human like esp those orang utan and chimpanzee. But of course I couldn't miss this monkey.. so furry.

Is it consider a monkey?!

Orang Utan's hand is bigger than Pal's

Another thing I love about Singapore Zoo is it's so green and lots of nice scenery. I especially love this one.

And nice plants and flowers too

Back to the animal.. presenting.. nice Emu's backside =)

Giant Tortoise

Ms. Ballerina in the Water (HIPPO - their feet look like pig's)


*ribbit*?! no this one more like *houuung* It's a bullfrog. Wanna try to kiss it? who knows it turned into your Prince Charming ;)

Ugly Croc's jaw with lots of wriggly slug in between the teeth *yuck*



Blogger Amber-Mae said...

What a loverly zoo that is & bootiful animals too! But what made me upset is that they have those aniamls skin & body parts displayed??? I'm no sure whether they killed the animals to show visitors or they have been confiscated from bad culprits. If they have been confiscated then I don't feel soo bad...

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

16/6/08 12:07 pm  
Blogger Luna said...

The zookeeper told us that it's real skin & body parts.. but only taken after the animal died ;)

The funniest part is they showing picture of the last Singapore tiger "hunted down" by few smiley men. Like so proud.. gee

18/6/08 10:47 am  
Anonymous Joy said...

fantastic photos! forgot to take a group shot. lol. been super busy at work and my msn / yim is not working very well. how's suria btw?

24/6/08 6:33 pm  
Blogger e said...

We havent been here in a while.
Good to catch up on your blogging.
E will send your mama a personal email soon to let her know what has been happening.

Love you Luna!
Fei and E

25/6/08 10:22 am  

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