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Friday, July 25, 2008

Visit to Singapore Garden Festival 2008

See this add somewhere? or the ladybug kissing the screen ad on TV?

Well... It was my very 1st visit to garden festival and it's a must go exhibition!!! SUPERB!! Many pretty colourful flowers and beautiful landscape design. Here are some photos taken with my lousy camera *blushing* will invest a better one next time before going to another festival hahahaa..

Never see so many tulips indoor before... and amazing display of air plants.. really creating a serene place

Sorry my camera didn't do justice to this display

This was redder and brighter in real

Lily and paper flowers - like dancing in the air

So romantic!!!

This colourful tubes looks very nice.. and quite easy to create. What u need is colour water and stuff clear plastic inside to create ice cube - jelly look.

I love this bamboo fountain!

Flowers in a hanging test tube

Nice display of philanopsis orchid

Javanese style with wayang golek

Beautiful China pond display

Beautiful display of European garden!!

The next is my favorite.. with water, lighting everything, you can really see the ripples and underwater effect. Even the plants chosen and coloured reminds me of corals.. although I don't find the plants attractive.. but the overall things is really fantastic!

Underwater garden

This marilyn monroe picture on the huge vertical wall easily missed by naked eye... but looks amazing fr the camera view. Can even see her sexy lips lol..

There are a lots of orchids on display (and on sale too) and the price can easily $250+ for those rare orchids. I just took a few shots :)

I love this one - green white orchid

I was surprised with this shot. The centre of the orchid just simply lighted up

Bat Lily - a black beauty I say

I just realised this beauty called bat lily.. it's the same one we found during our trekking at
Lor Lada Hitam

Curly ferns

Many African Violets!!! I wonder why mine can't bloom as bushy as this

Big fat Carnivourous Plant - Pitcher Plant / Money Cup

Beautiful Hydrangea

I heard you can changed the colours of flowers from greenish yellow to blue (or the other way around) by watering it with lime.

'Iron Cross' Begonia and not sure what plant (I'm sucks in remembering plant's name)

Another types of leaf begonia on the bottom

These are edible!! cup cakes yeah... it's to pretty to be eaten

Definitely will go again for the next garden festival... which probably another 2 years time :(


Saturday, July 19, 2008

Fly with Singapore Flyer

Well.. I'm not so excited trying the flyer as I practically seeing the whole surrounding monthly for my work.. but since we got a free pass... why not?!! It's saving of $29.50 per person :)

I find this quite cute!!

Taking off!!! look the F1 track is ready! (partially)

Marina Barrack

Interesting view of the steel structure

Oh.. the sitting area for National Day

Reaching the highest point soon!!

Yay!! We are at the highest point!

Well... it's not as high as I expected.. in fact the millenia tower is higher than singapore flyer (see the photo above). After climbing to the roof of Ritz-Carlton Hotel and Millenia Tower (this one is super scary.. there is no parapet wall surrounding the edges only about 15cm kerbs), u know why I wasn't so excited abt Singapore Flyer. Btw, the night view was beautiful ... you can see from Joy's blog :)

See the view that I took from the roof of Ritz-Carlton Hotel... beautiful even with normal camera.. and not obstructed by the glass panels :P