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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Visiting Blackie on National Day

Gee.. my humans have been so busy lately. We hardly going out on the weekend anymore. Even on National Day holiday, they left me & Suria Brother at home to go & visit Blackie. I told them I wanted to join but they said cannot as they wanted to pay full attention to Blackie. But nevermind, I was quite happy coz I got a share of yummy food (full of meat) which they cooked for Blackie. Mummy said too much so me & Suria Brother got to enjoy too

They told me Blackie was so happy to see them. He can leaped pretty high and because he is so skinny (yes.. he still skinny though), he can leap like a deer (you know with back legs up in the air)... pretty cool huh?!! Here are some pictures of Blackie.

What is that small creature? (getting into suspicious stance)

Hands up!!!! and the boy scream in terror!!!

Hahaha... just kidding!!! See the boy happy face.. he was playing with Blackie. Blackie was very friendly to human.. even to small children. Actually the small boy in the picture is the one often disturb him.

Hiak.. hiak.. hiak... I scared him!!

Blackie is still looking for home. Anyone out there care to give Blackie loving home?!!! I think Blackie is deserve a home.. he is so lovely.

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Monday, August 07, 2006

August Dog Hash - 05 August 2006

At last after waiting for few months, we got chance to join this month dog hash. It was FUN!! I have great time running free in the err.. 'forest'?? My human brought a camera but this two humans were just too busy panting and don't bother to take some photos. Luckily, Shanni took quite a number of beautiful sharp photos. So, Shanni/Kingsley I hope you don't mind I borrow some photos to show

We were so clean and fresh before the hash.
(well.. not exactly clean.. Suria Brother was smelly and purposely didn't take shower that day)

See the damage during the hash. Suria Brother's legs completely brown & muddy. His fur carried lots of leaves and twigs. Oh my.. He looks so fat & rounded in this picture.

and I have a sexy backside

Daddy said I'm an energizer bunny. I ran at constant speed and never once lagging behind. Suria brother in the other hand (expected) was lagging behind. Beside being the last one, he still took time to lift his leg & mark the surrounding. Honestly, I'm proud of him that despite of being fat & heavy, he managed to complete the hash.. although he is limping afterward due to torn paw pad.

We reached back home around 8.30 and immediately took shower (we were so dirty). Then we realised we brought back a wrong dog Who is this skinny dog?

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