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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Fly with Singapore Flyer

Well.. I'm not so excited trying the flyer as I practically seeing the whole surrounding monthly for my work.. but since we got a free pass... why not?!! It's saving of $29.50 per person :)

I find this quite cute!!

Taking off!!! look the F1 track is ready! (partially)

Marina Barrack

Interesting view of the steel structure

Oh.. the sitting area for National Day

Reaching the highest point soon!!

Yay!! We are at the highest point!

Well... it's not as high as I expected.. in fact the millenia tower is higher than singapore flyer (see the photo above). After climbing to the roof of Ritz-Carlton Hotel and Millenia Tower (this one is super scary.. there is no parapet wall surrounding the edges only about 15cm kerbs), u know why I wasn't so excited abt Singapore Flyer. Btw, the night view was beautiful ... you can see from Joy's blog :)

See the view that I took from the roof of Ritz-Carlton Hotel... beautiful even with normal camera.. and not obstructed by the glass panels :P


Blogger Lorenza said...

thanks for sharing all those pictures with us!
my mom says she'd be scared being there!
How is Suria doing?
I hope you all are fine!
Kisses and hugs

28/7/08 11:43 am  
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25/2/10 7:09 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just a fantastic city, Singapore. I'd love to visit one day...
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19/1/11 1:48 am  

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