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Monday, April 30, 2007


Somebody sent us an email contained this picture. Not sure whether it's real or photoshop-ed, but it sure looks pretty scarry and err... "cao da" (crispy BBQ-ed).

But isn't it look like a Fairy??

Hmm I always thought fairy has to be beautiful like this:

taken from http://www.3dm3.com/competition/cggirls/Simone_Linsell_Fairy.jpg

Talking about fairy, are fairies always girl? Why fairies always referred as 'she'? Check out this cute fairy name generator.

My Fairy name is Bramble Saturnweb.
"She is a trouble maker.
She lives in leafy dells and bluebell glades.
She is only seen in the mist of an early morning.
She wears bluebell-blue dresses. She has delicate pale pink wings like a cicada"

Errr... I don't really like they called me a trouble maker, but I love the delicate pale pink wings.. kekeke...

What is your Fairy Name??


Friday, April 27, 2007

If You Forgive Me...

You Can Have This...

Pleeeaseee don't be mad at me. I promised I won't do it again.


Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Seeing Double?? Guess Which One is ME!!

Hi Doggies and Humans too!! Let's play a short "WHICH ONE IS ME?" game and of course this game is about ME!! =P


See above Photo C & D, which one is ME?
a) Photo C
b) Photo D
c) Both Photo C & D
d) None of the above


See above Photo A & B, which one is ME?
a) Photo A
b) Photo B
c) Both Photo A & B
d) None of the above



Monday, April 23, 2007

Food, Food and Lots of Food!!

To us, trekking = fun = FOOD!!

Yeah.. started with trekking. Unfortunately Ting and Elin couldn't join us as JJ gone missing. If you stay around Bedok Reservoir area and seen this dog, please contact Ting. She is very worry and sad.


We were early but not as early as the Krazyman-family. Benji became more and more handsome =)

Oh, we found this weird thing. I wonder what is it. Anyone know??

The weather was superb.. Suria in action but slightly too hot. So off we go into the cooling forested area.

Suria is Choco only good friend and he becaming over protective over Suria and chased away Toto.

(Russ trapped between Choco and Toto)

Russ: Err.. PEACE man!! Don't fight here..

I better get out of here, FAST!!

We saw different types of mushrooms. Aren't they look nice?!

Water water... yeah.. and all the dogs jumped in.. including a little boy.

Benji is a good dog, he pray and thank to God before drinking

While somebody rinsing her shoes upstream =P

SURIA!!! Don't soak there too long. Watch out behind you.. there are crocs in the water.

Don't believe?? Look at this!!!

Then we decided to take group photo =P and everybody in this shot.

The bushes getting denser.. oowww.. we lost!!

Kidding... soon we reached to shed 53 and had our pawty!! While the guys went to fetch the food, the girls were busy... chatting... telling ghost story.. boo!!

Mummy showing off her rugged pants and bite mark (lucky she was wearing long pants or else.. )

My presents!!! opss.. more like Our presents!!

Creative yummy pizza specially made by Aunty Eleanor

Cakes from Natural Pooch decorated with muffins and cookies baked by Ting and Elin

All in all, we had 2 cakes from Natural Pooch, 1 banana/walnut cake baked with love by Carol, a plate of pizza and lots of cookies and muffin by Ting and Elin (Lick-a-Licious). And guess what.. we finished all of that!!!

Human's food - Chicken curry & loaf, fruit salad, chicken wings and watermelon / grapes.

It's Pawty Time!!

Mummy was laughing non-stop when looking at this photo of mine.. I wonder why?!!

(Jenny: hahahahahaha....)

Look what we got from Aunty E, going to use this to hang our leashes and collars.

Aren't they look alike? Even the eye colour

And of course..

Our mascot doing Madonna impersonation

Mister Toto's present came with cards, and look carefully.. Suria brother's card has heart on it.. 3 hearts somemore.. tsk tsk tsk.. I'm jealous =P

More photos here and Carol's blog

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

22 April 2007 : Trek & Picnic (Barkday Celebration) Details - Lorong Lada Hitam

Date & Time: Sunday, 22nd April 2007, 10.30am
Organiser: Palani & YL
Location: Lorong Lada Hitam (off Mandai Road)
Direction: From SLE, exit at mandai road (exit 8A), turn right into Lor Lada Hitam and drive all the way until the round-about (meeting point) (
Menu: To be updated =P but chicken curry with loaf and "ngo hiang" is confirmed ;)

This is the location of our very 1st trekking, check it here and here for the photos =)

EVERYONE INVITED!! Come to join us for trekking as well as Suria, Luna and Jewel Barkday celebration!! A not so tough walk (hopefully.. unless we get so fortunate to be lost again hiak hiak..), follow by picnic at this big shed.

Do leave a comment if you’re going, so we can do some estimation on how much food to bring.


Monday, April 16, 2007

Still Raining... *sigh*

Rain seems to have timing nowadays, around 1 pm on weekdays and 3.30 pm on weekend. Last saturday we were cheated. It was bright sunny afternoon at Hougang, my humans decided to bring us along to the garage sale. However, after reaching Serangoon Garden (15 minutes after), it was raining.. heavily. So, we had to go back home.. alone =( Humans still proceed to garage sale.

The garage sale was quite happening and of course.. can meet the adorable handsome so guai Mister Toto. Mummy bought a bag and daddy enjoyed the fishing game. Should have video-ed it down, mummy said he was crazy and laughing out very loud after managed to catch the octopuses.

They still dare to tell me that they went to eat Paper Wrapped Chicken after that... on my birthday.. hicks... I should have followed them if not for the rain.. arrgghh...

Uncle Jack telling how good is this chicken.
He said "I used to come here when I was a puppy.." huh?!!

Here it come!!

No no.. can't eat the paper.. must open it up first

On sunny Sunday near noon, we went to recce the site for the next trekking. Well, more like for picnic location. We went to near Portsdown area.

Huge green field :)


Behind me on that bridge, there was a colourful kingfisher.. can you see it? haha.. i bet not =P but it was there.
(jenny wrote: isn't Luna look like a reporter here?! hahaha)

Suria: Oppss.. just passing through...

The humans decided to take our group photo... haha.. that's sure a lot of shouting of sit-stay to do.

Nice butts

Look at Jewel's expression. Jewel: I don't want to sit next to Suria, he drools...

Oh ya.. one question: what is the colour of the pants that the guy on the right is wearing? He insisted it was green. I think he is colour blind.. keke..

At Last!! Ta Da!! Suria and his girlfriends haha...

Me & Suria Brother

Enough posing and playing, we headed to Kent Ridge Park to look around for walk location. Expect lots of steps peeps =)

And more posing.. hahaha...

See you all next week for our (Jewel, Suria Brother and Me) birthday picnic cum walk. Hope the weather is good *paw crossed*