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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Langkawi Trip

Well deserved holiday =) Thanks Jasmine for helping me to take care of Princess Luna. Suria not as lucky as Luna, he had to stay in M&M during our holiday. Yeah.. lots and lots of photo and because I'm so lazy, only few will be posted =P

Pal's colleagues told so many bad thing about Langkawi just few days before our trip. And the hotel we stayed was actually only 2.5 star hotel. But surprise surprise, things weren't as bad as described. We rented a Toyota Vios during our stay for RM140 (plus RM30 for petrol).

Our hotel - Awana Porto Malai

The view from our room.. beautiful!

The swimming pool

Fish Feeding Place near the restaurant - Clear water and lots of fishes

Our Dinner - SEDAP!!

Tom Yum soup, huge Thai sauce Fish (not in the photo), kangkong belacan, chilli crabs, lots of drinks and watermelon juice. Guess what.. all in all we only spent RM75... cheap!!

Not many restaurants selling beer though. But when we found beer in supermarket, Pal was the happiest man. Carlbergs only RM1.70 per can (that's like S$0.80.. cheaper than a can of coke in Singapore). I noticed something, Malaysia sell lots of drink containing tongkat ali. Here is one in the can, and many others mixed with coffee powder.

A prove that we went to Langkawi - The Giant Eagle Statue

The Eagle Statue is at Kuah Town, lots of beautiful scenery


Then we travel north to see eagle feeding. Rented a boat for 2 hours for RM200 (actually can seat in 8 ppl.. but we just took it for 4 of us).

Sea breeze, windy, beautiful scenery, mangrove jungle, monkeys

Stop at Hole in the Wall (it's like Kelong)

Feeding Sting Ray! Isn't he look fierce?!

NOT!! Look smiley face!

I can't believe this thing edible!!

Here fishy, fishy, fishy!!!

Can you see the eyes and nose?

Eagle Feeding

Frozen chicken meats thrown into the water, then mix it up using boat's propeller. Switch off the engine, then you can see lots of eagles flew across the water and grab the meat, which immediately eaten while flying.

A souvenir from the eagle!

Bat Cave!! I couldn't find batman though :(

The cave was smelly like urine smell. One suggestion, when walking inside don't anyhow touch things, see what we found along the handrail. yuck!! Bat's shit!!

Lots of black marks on the cave wall. It used to be a swallow bird nest there. But human had harvested the bird nest which actually bird saliva.. hmmm..

Simply love the place, isn't it beautiful?!!

Even the roaches beautiful... NOT!!!

Next stop - Waterfall!!

Cool Refreshing Flowing Water!!

Oh, saw this kitty. Cute, isn't he?! Beautiful eyes too, one blue and other orange

This monkey really know how to serve himself

Cable cart ride, it's a must if you go Langkawi. But not recommended for those who has height-phobia... LOL. We went up high to top of mountain. It's more than 700m from sea level.

Especially if you have to ride on one of this

Beautiful scenery taken from inside cable cart

Curved Suspension Bridge

Twin Peak

Massage and Foot reflexology on top of mountain

We suppose to be able to view spectacular sunset from this peak. But unfortunately it was a cloudy day. But hey.. looks amazing too!!

Saw this mirror.. SUN and MOON!! My Suria and Luna!! OK.. noticed the spelling error...

Sunday morning when Joy and Jack went to relax on the beach, me & Pal went to Langkawi Underwater world although Pal's friend mentioned that can't see many fishes in there and the water is cloudy.

No fish?? What do you think?

I have difficulty taking photo of fishes behind the glass. The flash seems to reflect back. But without flash, it often blur as the fishes are moving very fast. Well.. time for new camera =)

We took lots of fishes and penguins photos... here few of them.

I love how penguins waddle and hopping.. they look so cute

And of course my favorite.. seahorses


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Pulau Ubin Trip *ring* *ring*

Slight drizzle in the morning didn't stop us. Although so many people couldn't make it for this trip, we still go ahead. Only me and Theddea going. The trip was GREAT!!!! Weather even better there. No rain, slightly cloudy which is good so it's not too hot. Yet my humans still have some imbalance tan.

Changi Village Jetty


Quite different lifestyle from Singapore mainland

The humans were trying on bicycles. Do u think I can fit into the basket?

Unfair.. Humans on wheel and we are on foot =(

Beautiful lake

MUD!! MUD!! YAY!!!

Love the mud, but after that I regretted it because...

Wah.. Jack was a great coconut tree climber...

Or NOT!!... haha.. this is the photo before cropping =P

Mangrove jungle

Yay.. found jack fruit and these people thinking it's durian..

uncles... only durian can be opened like that.

Me & Theddea

Let's see what to eat.. hmm...

Rice and Sambal enough already..

But this one is a must!!

On the way back..

At arrival hall

Time to buy new sandal !

It was fun!!

Click here for more photos =) and from Carol's