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Saturday, May 24, 2008

A day out to HortPark

Without the dogs :( next time sure will bring Suria and Luna there.

The Hort Park is super beautiful.. I love it!!! lots of beautiful flowers, green landscape and of course water fountain. Here are some pictures I took there. Pardon my lousy skill :P

Yes yes.. we are at Hort Park the Garden Hub :)

Love the pond.. can you see the reflection on the water.. soothing

Isn't this creative?! Making use of recycle items, i.e. plastic takeaway container, plastic bottles, etc.

Creative idea for terranium.. I'm making one.. err.. someday hahaha..

More of gardening using "junk" .. see the PCK's yellow boot

Baby cradle

If I have a big garden.. I'll definitely having this!!!

This is much prettier than money plant used to cover up the ground.

Just a random photos of beautiful flowers :)

The glass house

Too bad public not allowed to go inside. It's super duper beautiful.. all the flowers inside are blooming and colourful. Managed to take some photos by pressing my camera closed to the glass kekeke ...

Lovely Sunflower

Isn't this super beautiful?! see the yellow flower with black centre... it so look like butterflies!!

Some desert plants :)

Need to cool down?! too bad... can't go in hahaa.. hmm maybe can pretend to accidently fall into it. If bring dogs.. I better hold Suria tight.. or else...

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Beach.. Here We Come!!

After soooo long, finally we back to the beach!! I wasn't overly excited though coz I hate water grrr... but I love to dig kekeke.. Suria brother love the beach!!

Well.. ever since the ranger kept passing here & there and gave warning the last time we went there, my human set me & brother on leash together.

I will follow u..

We are the mascot for these nearly half naked men

Suria brother joined the water polo team

Thaddea aka Ah O is a very good swimmer

Suria brother loves water.. but I didn't say he loves swimming hahaha.. lazy bum. Well, I also was forced to swim. See our pitiful face.

Playing at the beach. Can you see they start to bury me?!


Ah good, they changed target

Isabel: Help me!!!! They gimme black nipples

Someone grabbing my breast


Monday, May 05, 2008

Our 1st Studio Photoshot

After seeing Pixie nice photo for Clubpet's 2nd magazine cover contest, mummy decided to make appointment with themen@work too for our photoshots.
This is our 1st studio photo :)

Suria brother - isn't it look like a passport photo?!

This is pretty me kekekeke..

Ok.. before I spoiled my name, let me make this clear.. I'm not one of Edison Chen's victim. This photo is not obscene.. I'm simply giving a "saluting" pose.. well.. with my hind leg ;)