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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Back on The Move

After so many lazy months, at last daddy arranged another trekking. Gee, when was our last trekking? hmmm.. i think it was last year or something. Then I realised that I went all soft and heavier (aka fatter).

Our group this round is sure big.. 34 people.. but only 4 furry one, Oreo, Ah O, Suria brother and me.

Here are the men to protect us! kekeke... 27 Nepalese men!!! Get to your position boys!!


Not even 5 minutes, Suria brother already get himself dirty

Must climb up har?!!

The men became quite handy :P

Look can be deceiving. Initially I thought this was a huge field with nicely cut grass. Look like a dog run isn't it?! Lucky me I didn't go in.. it was actually waterbody with green slimey thing floating on top.

Hide & Seek between tall bushes

On your butt...

Water! Water! Yay!!!

Oreo: Can you carry me? pretty please..


Can I not go into the water? I think I saw a crocodile

Isn't this nice? err.. wait a minute.. the belly behind quite disturbing

Isn't this nicer?!


Sunday, April 13, 2008

Plus One

We are one year older.. me 4 years old and Suria Brother is 7 years old. Mummy got us a pretty cake from No Bones About It!! Isn't it pretty?!!

Aunty E gave us some cookies.. huge cookies with our name on it.

Happy barkday to me, happy barkday Suria Brother, Happy barkday happy barkday...... happy barkday to us!!!! hip hip hoorey!!!

Posing!!! Can we eat yet??? can we??? pweesseeee

I'll serve my self.. closer closer nearly there..

Our yummy cake