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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Black is my colour

I'm waiting and waiting and waiting for Blackie to move in to next door. Everybody had been busy last week during Chinese New Year Period. So adoption issue slightly put on hold. I hope everything will go smoothly in this 2 weeks time.

So nice to see this boy look this happy although he developed some rashes recently. I can really see he put on some weight already.. no more skin & bone.

Oh btw, this mini bull terrier girl is looking for a fosterer, a temporary home where she can stay for about 1 - 2 months while the owner is busy settling down. Anyone can help?? Very gentle in temperament. Only need to clean her eyes daily.

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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Mandai Lake Road - Wet Sssssunday

What a turn up!! Head count 15 humans and 12 dogs.

These ex-army boys showing off their bags

You all must see this photo.. because this is the only photo that I'm in it!! My human didn't take my photo.. can you believe that.. they said they hardly noticed me around =(

sssssssshhhhhhhh... Auntie V's scream still echoing in my ear..

Water, chest-deep water. We even ready with knotted rope.

Andy (aka Mr. Moses) smiling happily.. only that Moses suppose to walk in front to lead the pack and split the water so we can have dry ground.. not at the back.. ha ha..

Yeah.. we made it across =)

Disaster.. Wet ciggies

Back to the jungle and walk on crunchy dry leaves

Benji relaxing

Get a room...
(Toto looked jealous.. you'll know why soon)

What a refreshing site after the not so clean walk. We were so lucky to have running water today, unlike during our recce.. it was very dry.

Uncle John not only good in taking photos but he also good in posing too =) I can't wait to see his masterpiece for this trek. Anyway, you can see more of his photos in Fearsome Rottie's blog.

Seeing weave-poles, Kaiser just can't help it

Just now I was saying that Toto was jealous when Jewel kissed Suria brother, here is why.. this couple goes everywhere together. Brokeback mountain couple (Mavy and Rainy too) and many more...

Errr... how come I have this feeling that Suria Brother started to enjoy it.

More close up shots of the doggies =)

Handsome Rainy

Mister Toto

Bear Bear (The SG Special)

GirlGirl (the cute little one)

The forever clean Kaiser

Bear Bear (Rottie) and his "why you sticking that camera so close to my face" look
Other photos
Resting Time

I'm waiting for the group photo from Uncle John's camera =)


Wednesday, February 21, 2007

25-Feb-07 : Trek Details - Mandai Lake Road

Date & Time: Sunday, 25th Feb 2007, 10.30am
Location: Mandai Lake Road Track 9 (in hardcopy map it's Track 15) - drive to the end of the road
Direction: map, recce photos and in JJJ's blog
Menu: Drinks and finger food! Cost to be split - $5 per person

Meeting point - look out for this place at the end of the road!


20-Feb-07 : Mandai Lake Road Track 15 - Site Recce

Finally, decided on the location for our next trek. Thanks to JJJJ for coming with us for recce. This place is nice and beautiful. Looks like I'm living back in country. And again, Suria brother was not able to join us. He needed to puppy sitting and he just has his shower a day before.

Where is Jewel?

We made friends with a group of bikers

Checking out the water

I regretted dirtying myself like this which caused me to be thrown into the water. But who can resist to roll on the cooling mud.

We'll be back

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Monday, February 19, 2007

18-Feb-07 : Day Tour Around Singapore

While everybody busy visiting relatives and GONG XI GONG XI, we were out too but to visit few places for our next trek. Suria brother has to stay at home companying Bonbon puppy. Gee.. every man driver I saw were wearing RED shirt.
First stop - Somewhere near Lim Chu Kang

Nice view.. but a real no no.. coz we have to breath in chicken shit smell.. haha..

It's quite a nice relaxing drive all the way, not many cars on the roads. oh, how I wish everyday is like this =)

Second Stop - Sungei Buloh Nature Park

Walk on the wooden planks along mangrove swamp

Too bad they won't allow me inside, so we only took a walk along the nature nearby.

Daddy said this place got crocodile.. so once we heard big splash in the water, mummy quickly drag me and heading back out.

Third Stop (I think.. ) - Mandai Road

The water was quite clear that day

The area looks great for trekking.. only... we have to go through knee-high water right at the starting point. HA.. dogs will be happy but the human will be grumpy =P

After buying our lunch at Farrer Road MacDonald (my human let me have a little bit of sundae.. they are yummy), we heading to this place for picnic.. nice green grass to roll on.

errr... 6th stop (seriously I lost count) - Kent Ridge Park

It's really a beautiful place to take photos.. we really enjoy our walk & rest here.

It had been a long day.. let's go home