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Monday, July 30, 2007

Beautiful Place - NANAS

Cloudy sunday morning.. pack the bag with water, snacks and clothing for change off we go to NANAS. Sorry babes, gotta leave them at home.. but of course.. bribed with milk bones :)

Lucky it's not raining when we reached there.. after some adventures of being lost in cemetary. The driver only have this as map.

Noah's ark area is very big and beautiful. They have dogs, cats and horses. Recently they received lots of animal, due to the recent flood disaster in JB. This is such a pleasant sight, the malay muslim people there not scared/disgusted by dogs.



There are many dogs, a lot of dogs.. they are everywhere!!!

Unlike the immigration officers, these dogs always greet you with SMILE!!

There are quite a number of 3-legged dogs

But they are as active as normal

Heard from K, that it's better to chop off the leg completely instead of leave it hanging at joint like this.. so poor thing.

NANAS is really a big and beautiful place

The residents there allowed to roam around freely. Although some of them already formed a gang and "marked & chopped" their territory. This is their life...

Lazy and Free Life

Allowed to pee and poo anywhere and everywhere (see the dalmation!!)

They have their own "house" or shelter to share with others

Unlimited supply of food!! It's abundance! All the dogs there are well fed

Oh, they have horses too!

This is one grumpy horsey. She reminded me of Suria. When nobody pay attention to her, she will sigh loudly and grumble

Horse and Dog are sharing the stable. See the cutey snuggle comfortably inside this horse's stable?!

OHIO! Welcome to Kitty's lazy lounge

This is the cutest paw I've ever seen

Aren't puppies cute?!

Not sure how many dogs are there.. Lynda said she is thinking to buy a paint marker like those farmer used in Aussie to count sheep. Any sponsor?? :P

Dogs always around you whenever you go, poking their noses into our pocket looking for treat.

Someone purposely bought a raincoat to avoid "signature" paw print (some come with mud, pee and poo) on their clothing.

This brownie so handsome!!

Some random photos of doggies there

Isn't he look like a pai kia (bad boy)?!!

Gotta post this - this JRT's tail is so cute!

Oh, I won't forget him!! The "pervert" dalmation. Hump every legs he see. He is so big, fat, strong and give you a very tight hug!!

Go home happy and covered with lots of wet kisses!!


Thursday, July 26, 2007

My crazy sister

Luna is crazy!! I wonder why she is so interested with moving lights. I can tell that she know it came from the human's hand... still.. she never fail to chase it. What a waste of energy.. I rather chase jogger... *woof*


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

22/7/07 - Trek Details - Seletar Air Base (CANCELLED)

Date & Time: Sunday, 22nd July 2007, 10.30am sharp
Meeting Point: Seletar Air Base (map)
Turn right at Piccadilly Circus and meet outside the golf driving range

Remember to bring your own drinks and bites for you and your dogs!

As usual, do leave comments here if you are going =) LET'S GET DIRTY!!!


Sunday, July 15, 2007


Daddy came back from India and he bought a box of mangoes.. and all for us.. huahahaha.

At first we didn't know that is mango. It look quite unattractive. But we sort of can smell something.. something delicious.

Suria Brother Checking out the Mangoes

Mummy then cut it off, it's so juicy and orangee. Well, she is not an expert with knife.. so excuse the messy look of the mangoes.. but I promised you it taste heavenly sweet.

Suria brother doing what dogs are good at... staring at the food.. concentrate.. come here.. don't be shy.. come closer..

It's getting there.. CLOSER!!!


Don't you dare touch my voluptuous err... mangoes!


Sunday, July 08, 2007

Prayer For Kutti-Boy

We were invited for Kuti-boy's 2nd year rainbow bridge anniversary. He passed away two year ago when he was 12 y.o. due to heartworm. He was the fiercest dog until my daddy never bring us to meet him. Daddy loved him dearly though. He remembered putting Kuti-boy inside his bike helmet when he was only a palm big and rode down the road with him. Daddy gave Kuti-boy to his friend because the lady just couldn't part with Kuti-boy. Only 4 persons could touch him. The lady, her sis, her mum and my daddy.

When he passed away, the lady was very upset. But things became better and she got married this year. Kuti-boy faded away fr her life as she moved house to be with her husband. She remembered doing this prayer for kuti-boy only because Kuti-boy came to her in her dream and pawing her, warm breath on her face and whining for food. Out of sudden. Then she suddenly woke up and remembered that it's his death anniversary.

Boy.. look at the spread she offered him

The kids were busy patting us while we were busy staring at the delicious spread on the banana leaf left in front of us.

This is Kuti-boy's mummy

Suria Brother did the prayer for Kuti-boy too

OK DONE!! Can we have the food now?

Have you ever seen Indian movie? When feeding the children, the mother will take a big plate of rice and side dishes. Sit down on the floor surrounded by her childrens. Mixing the rice and make rice balls and feed the children using her hand. It's something new for me =)

Suria: Do u think she'll feed me too?? kekeke..

The little girl said "come Suria you can have mine" but all others "No no no.. suria go away..." hahaha..

The little girl LOVES Suria.. here.. she was singing and dancing for him.. tsk.. kids!!