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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

He Still Misses Ryan

Today Ryan's GodPa (the Security Guard) emailed some photos. I can tell that he still misses Ryan so much. This is what he wrote:

"....well, I just wanna take a few minutes of your time to show you a great photo of a pup being cuddled by the female/mother dog. One is of course, Ryan, when he went out for a short vacation (summer vacation) to your place and together with your dog (me - Luna).

The second photo was emailed to me by a friend of mine from Malaysia. She told me that she spotted these 7 beautiful puppies (all similar) along the roadside while driving to work. In the evening, she brought all the 7 pups and the mother dog back to her house. I guess all the pups are about a month."

The 7 black & white mongrel pups??? wow.. it's a cute sight.


Tuesday, June 13, 2006

12-Jun-06 : Mandai Reservoir

Yup.. it's in the same day as my Sentosa trip. After Sentosa, we went to Sembawang to send Suria Brother for basic grooming at Fur 'n' Away. My humans asked them how much for my shower (they were lazy to bath me). After knowing it cost $20 just to shower me.. they decided not to make me smell good and good thing is... escaped.. no shower for me.. YEAH.. and they have to bring me around.. hehehe. End up, we use the $ to eat Indian food.

After lunch, we were heading to Mandai Reservoir. It was a beautiful sunny day with beautiful view & calming sea breeze.

Most importantly.. quite place to be free & lots of green

And beautiful scenery

Ah... *squint* the sun in my eyes
Pssttt.. don't tell Suria Brother, he doesn't know about this.. or else he will be jealous big time... =P


12-Jun-06 : Sentosa, Here We Come!!!

Great sunny day here at Sentosa on Monday. My humans took a break from work just to bring us to Sentosa expecting not much crowd on Monday morning so can unleashed & let us have some fun.

We reached Sentosa at around 9AM and wow... the whole Tanjong Beach only for us (I mean we were the only dogs at that hour and only about 4 humans around). We settled at the right side of beach. Suria Brother was so impatient to get into the water. Well... not to swim.. he just loves to soak his body inside water.

Daddy called me for a swim.. but errr.... I rather choose to do other useful activities, such as....

Acting as A Life Guard

Or.. constructing tunnel to connect to the opposite island

I teach you something... when constructing a tunnel, use your front paws to dig (and make it fast) to loosen up the sands. Then with your strong back legs, kick away the sand to clear the area. After that using your body, lean on the side of opening (while still digging) to harden the side. Like this...

Everything just perfect.. warm morning sun, sands to dig & roll on, Suria Brother happily soaking himself & swimming.

Suria Brother showing off his slimmer body

OMG!! He has skinny legs

Until... A monster come out of the water & carry me to the water... far far away from the shore...

wait a second....

You all think I can't swim.. big time loser... I swam faster than Suria Brother... weee... I'm a CHAMPION!!

And look.. I can fly too!!

We all very satisfied that day... look at our happy faces.