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Saturday, July 08, 2006

01 July 2006 - The Day He Lost His Balls

Oh my.. we've been very busy for few weeks so no update for the blog. Well.. last week (01 July 2006) was the busiest day for my humans but the lonely day for me. They had been out all day bringing Suria Brother along with them and left me in the house.. their excuse was "Luna.. you take care of the house while we gone ok?!! Be a Good Girl" They also told me that we couldn't go for dog hashing for this month. Darn.. mummy gave me a false hope. So forgetful of her, she already made appointment (2 months back) to send Suria Brother for "the cut".

As early as 8am they were out already. Suria Brother was so happy that they brought him along. Halfway in the journey, he whined & cried... hahaha.. that boy was tricked. He thought he was going to Sentosa and not knowing they brought him to the vet at Namly instead. They reached Namly at 9am, met Dr. Ling and left Suria Brother there. He whined, cried and jumped on mummy begging to bring him out.

After that they left to Sembawang to pick up Blackie. So happy that someone wanted to view Blackie. They made ridiculous journey from Namly -> Sembawang -> Botanical Garden -> Back to Sembawang -> Namly -> Home. What a day.

Anyway, Blackie was so happy that he allowed to travel out, botanical garden somemore.. even I never been there yet.

Blackie is Smiling

Lucky, it was a beautiful day and they were in the beautiful garden with pond without me :( That boy still so skinny although he is more active and look happier. At the pavilion, Blackie was so busy staring at the ducks & birds and ready jump into the water although he hate water (like me hehehe...). See his concentration.

Blackie staring at the Ducks & Birds

The couple (not local btw) has a mongrel too, a female, a dominant female. After they arrived, wow... she is so HUGE!! Apparently, Lou the mongrel also not from Singapore. They brought her in from err... sorry.. couldn't really recall where they were from.

Blackie is tall.. but She is Taller & bigger (34 kg.. *faint*)

Not as feared, they met well at the neutral ground.. sniff sniff.. say hi... ok.. but no special chemistry that the potential adopter looking for. Also when come to treat, *sigh* this bad boy Blackie gave out a soft growled. Oh oow.. the couple didn't like it as they really dotted on Lou.

Too bad.. no happy ending for Blackie yet. They left Botanical Garden around 1.30pm and returned Blackie back to his fosterer then rush for lunch. The clinic called said they can collect Suria Brother at 3.30pm.

1st time Suria Brother stepped out the room, he was so excited to see both humans. He was running, slip, struggle to stand up, take few steps, slip again, blur blur dunno what happened. The people waiting at the clinic laughed at him. Suria Brother was still giddy under anesthetic. Poor boy kept slip down until daddy got to carry him into the car. But man.. he was so alert & restless unlike me who my human claimed that very drama after the op.

Dr. Ling's job is very neat and Suria Brother was recovered easily without any problem. Unlike me who went through all the drama such as the itchy stitches part and lump developed few day after the op near the stitches until the vet need to inject needle to withdrawn the liquid.


Balls.. balls.. precious balls...

Right after the removal

Eh?!! I always thought after the castration everything dangling should be gone. I didn't know they only take the ball inside and leave the pocket untouched.