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Monday, May 28, 2007

Wedding, Flowers and Colourful Saree

I had been busy week for us and free weeks for the dogs. Pal had been staying at home last week preparing for the exam, means that Suria and Luna were having more food. Somemore we gotta skip trekking coz of Pal's friend (Valli's) wedding, the dogs gonna be FAT!! But at the end the trekking also cancelled.

Wednesday we went to Valli's bangle ceremony (engagement party). Some random photos.


Bitter leaves

All the guests greeted at the door with this. Not sure what's inside the long container, i guess it's some kind of rose water. Dipped finger onto the red powder, then to the yellow liquid and dot it on your forehead between the eyebrows.

Fire is used to purifying. It's like holy water in church.

Oh, this was beautiful. Too bad my camera couldn't capture the bling-ness of the beads.

I can see with my own eyes how a woman transform after the make up. Gee.. they looks so much different, smooth complexion and more beautiful.

The wedding on Sunday was in a temple. So Pal insisted me to wear Indian clothing too. So, well.. no choice.. last minute rushed to little India to buy Punjabi suit (it's easier to wear). I don't really like the material (so uncomfy), but Pal said all like that.. it's expensive too around $80 and it doesn't fit me well. The wedding was in the morning 8.30am, too early for me *yawning*. We were rushing and I forgotten to bring the shawl. No.. I won't let you see me wearing Punjabi suit.. haha.. instead, here is the glimpse on what I wore =P

Nice decoration on the temple roof

The wedding ceremony carried out at the temple 2nd storey, no aircon, huge open air area but covered roof. And imagine this two 'musician' able to create loud music for huge place, no need loud speaker, mic, etc.

Yellow Rice

I learned a lesson when throwing yellow rice at the wedding couple. "Don't stand in front!!" or else everybody behind will throw the rice on you. Pal got rice stucked on his head.

Exchange flowers

Bride groom's brother held the bride groom's hand and he held the bride's hand and she held the bride groom's sister's hand and went around the errmmm not sure what. Do u get what I wrote? *scratch head*

The bride groom bend down and put toe ring on the bride's toe

Newly Wed couple - look tired but happy =)

One thing I noticed, that's lots lots of flowers they used.

And of course the FOOD!! They served Vegetarian Dishes from Komala's restaurant. YUMMY!

Isn't this just look like fried chicken?! Actually this is fried Cauliflower.


Sunday, May 27, 2007

Belly Tag

I was belly tagged by Fei last week =P Here it goes....

Mummy said when I turn around turtle, I look like chimpanzee because I have sparse fur on my belly *blushing*

Unlike my big bro, he got lots of fur down there.. he is hairy!!! ok boy, due for grooming soon. How about waxing?


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

27-May-2007 : Trek Detail - Tagore Drive

This round is organised by
carol :)

Date & Time: Sunday, 27th May 2007, 10.30am
Meeting Point: Outside No. 12 Tagore Drive - Habitat Warehouse (map)
Menu: Pizza & Drinks (cost to be split afterwards)

more pictures of our adventures at tagore drive, click here and here. It's a fun place, come and join the trekking!!


Short Circuit Part II

It's been quite sometimes since I posted about Luna "short circuitness", well.. it's getting slighly better. She still doing this habit but her reaction now is slower, maybe she used to it already or.. Suria is getting smarter.. or NOT!!

Last Sunday, Pal was sitting on the floor leaning on sofa. As usual Luna was on the bed and Suria was lying down near the room door. Look like this... err.. don't laugh at my unskilled drawing =P

Oh, Pal did the clothes rack from the corner to put a sofa so we can watch TV comfortably.

Anyway, suddenly Pal gave out a loud sneeze (sneeze no. 1). Luna perked up, grow a little and back to sleep. Suria was immediately into sitting position.

Then not long after, Pal gave out the louder sneeze (sneeze no. 2). Suria was "zzzzzoooommmmm" immediately into the toilet. Never seen him run that fast before in his life. Leaving Luna stand on the bed look confused.

Well, Suria is getting smarter in handling this situation. But... err.. wasn't he DUH?? Isn't the exit door to the living room is nearer than running to the toilet? Hahaha... silly boy!


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

What I Did Last Weekend?

I was busy.. herding.. yeah.. you heard me right. I was herding sheep last sunday *woof*

Mummy was out for Mother's Day dinner with her aunt and Luna was forced by daddy to have shower. So, I could have the laptop for myself for a while and I herd sheep on computer. See.. that's me in the middle.

Quite easy game though. You can download the trial from here http://www.reflexive.com/Sheeplings.html


Thursday, May 10, 2007

Present From Tokyo

I'm so excited. At last mummy got time to assist me to unpack the present from the lovely Fei & Eve. Actually it arrived on last Friday, took until Monday to transfer to Hougang Post Office, then only collected it on Wednesday as they open till 8pm.

Here it is!!

OH!!! It's from Fei's favorite shop - Three Dog Bakery

Can I open It??

COOKIES!! Let's see.. hmmm.. I suppose to lick then crunch.. ok got it!!

Something unique.. Honey Paw Cream (smell like lavender). F&E knew I love trekking, how thoughtful they are.. yeah.. I'm a girl so must keep my skin smooth and well-moisturise. Thanks girls!!

(Jenny wrote: I helped Luna to put on the cream on her paw. I guess she couldn't resist the honey, she kept licking it. Greedy girl!!)

I love this the most. Fei's photo in baby pink cloth. How did she know I love this photo of her the most. Isn't she cute?!!

Oh.. love letter from Fei & Eve.. *grinning*..

Look peanut cream.. yuuummy

(Jenny wrote: Luna wait... remember lick first then crunch)

Nah!!! I can't wait.. attack!!!

Oh, Fei asked me to share it with Suria Brother. But but.. I like it, I want to have it all. Tsk, eventhough I don't want to share with him....

He'll serve himself.. see..

Suria: I love it too!!

THANKS FEI & EVE for the wonderful presents. We love it!!


Monday, May 07, 2007


This was our 1st time come to this place. Didn't know Kranji War Memorial is so beautiful. First thing your notice about the place is it feel so peaceful and tranquil. We were the 1st to reach there, so.. of course.. PHOTO time =P

Something eerie about this stone, mummy asked me to pose next to it.. but.. errr.. I 'smelled' something weird.

Everyone here!!!

Love this photo =) remind me of run away bride.. haha

Off we go.. through the bushes.. one by one.

Suria : Where did everyone go??

Photos taken by James

My favorite!! MUD!!!

I wish I can spread my paws and glide like him

Weather was hot.. guess who was the 1st one reach the water. yeah...

splish splash

Not forgetting... Our mascot =)

Showing off smooth thigh.. haha.. uncerrr water not that high


Survival skill, it was amazing how Carol can finished the trek with this hungry sandal. Next time but $19.90 sandal.. don't buy $18.90 one.. hahaha..

Mini waterfall

Talking about mini.. here.. mini durian =)

Big giant spider. It's about an adult palm size

Carol trying not to look unglam while crossing the branches. Photo below not bad.. but this one here.. fail.. haha..

Oh, I can see Turf Club City from here.

My name is Lady Theddea. It means the courageous one, I know no fear

Here is the prove

Group photo

(From left: Christine, yeelin, Pal, Joy, Carol, Jas, Leon, Jack, Jenny. Photographer: James)

More photos: here, Carol's, YL's, and James's

See ya on next trekking =)